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Who are the Tribe...

Where DrumNation Tribe came from?

Originally formed in Portsmouth – 10 years ago by an eclectic group of Samba and African drummers together with percussionists and like-minded musicians.

The group has brought together people of all backgrounds, experiences and abilities. To learn, share and develop new skills, inspiring friendship through drumming.

What DrumNation Tribe is doing now?

DrumNation Tribe is a non-profit making voluntary community group based at Buckland Community Centre where we meet weekly (Tuesday evening) charging only a small fee to meet the group’s running costs.

This session is typically made up of part tuition for new members, rehearsals for any up-coming gigs and usually ends in a jam session. Everyone can gain from honing their basic skills and also by playing along with more advanced drummers. It is not necessary to attend every week and everyone is welcome.

We offer free drumming workshops and performances in Portsmouth and the surrounding area for schools and charitable groups, thereby helping to raise awareness for their work.

We have drummed at several networking and charity fund-raising events, like Red Cross, Action Aid and local cancer charities over the last few years. We performed at last year’s Victorious Festival where we invited the audience to participate with extra drums and percussion.

We have taken our drumming circle as far as Stonehenge, where we were invited to take part in Solstice Festivals including private access celebrations among the stones.

What plans for Drumnation Tribe ?

DrumNation Tribe believes that drumming can help to bring communities together and give people a sense of wellbeing and good self-esteem. Performing in a group can help boost an individual’s confidence. Our members may have different needs but they all agree it helps to make them feel happy.

We are planning to continue to honour our commitment to our community with local school workshops and charities like Bivol.

We have already applied to play again at the Victorious Festival in the summer. In August we plan to have our weekly sessions by the beach where all can come along and join in the fun.

Our mission is to encourage all members of the community to try something different and have a positive outlook in an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, creativity, inspiration, fun and friendship.